The Great tragedy of World Wars of the years 1914-1945 is a huge crime of the authoritarianism. This is an anomaly! So far as at the beginning of last century the globalization was to begin to destroy authoritarianism everywhere, warning the possibility of military conflicts. According to logic, the globalization is the salvation of civilization. In fact, in the twentieth century the civilization went through the risk of apocalyptic self-destruction.

When, where and who has committed a crime against the civilization with such disastrous consequences?..

A series of studies "ON A HISTORIC TURNING POINT:
GREAT WORLD WAR 1914-1945"
tries to give the answer to this question.

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"ON A HISTORIC TURNING POINT: GREAT WORLD WAR 1914-1945" is the author's view on the fatal role of authoritarianism in the globalization era in the light of two world wars’ great catastrophe of the first half of the XX century. The World War I, under the author's version, is the result of monarchist regimes anachronism; the World War II is the result of the party totalitarianism’s abnormal germination on the basis of previous war. Analysis of the bolshevism and fascism origin during the interwar period leads to the conclusion that: fascism is a defensive reaction to bolshevism; bolshevism is the result of Lenin pseudo-Marxist initiative.

The communist totalitarianism origin is the subject of the series first book’s study under the name "MARXISM’S UGLY BABY". Lenin’s bolshevism, as a pathological product of monarchical autocracies’ bloody internecine feud, became at the end a pathogenic catalyst for the fascism obscurantism. Consequently, the Leninism joined the two world wars into a single process of the global catastrophe in 1914-1945.

The study is called to warn the modern autocracy against non-globalization struggle.